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Milwaukee Junior Admirals Coaching Staff

The Milwaukee Junior Admirals Coaching staff is one of the finest in the nation. Their years of experience at various levels are rivaled by few coaching staffs in the nation. We employ a team effort in the coaching area as we strive to have one level lead into the next from year to year. To accomplish this goal, the coaches constantly work together to share techniques and exchange coaching ideas using a semi-structured approach to coaching that maps into the USA Hockey LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) Model.

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2019-2020 Season Coaches


12U - Head Coach Marcus Novy
14U - Head Coach Jessica Edwards
16U - Head Coach Jim Ingman
19U - Head Coach Brian Smith


2009 - Head Coach Greg Krahn
2008 - Head Coach Austin Bevilacqua
2007 - Head Coach Greg Krahn
2006 - Head Coach Marcus Novy
14U - Head Coach DJ Drayna
15 Only -  Head Coach Matthew Vanden Berg
16U - Head Coach Matt Murray
18U - Head Coach Mark Adamek

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